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Our problems with internet connection - LPR

Hello Friends!

Yesterday, September 16th,  my home internet repaired. I`m here!

What happened with me. I discovered that on Friday, September 9th, my home internet was down. I left a request to the company Megalink to repair my Internet connection and waited for the master for two days. I canceled my plans on Sunday, but the master didn`t come at my request. This situation repeated itself on Tuesday. The master did not come to the call.

As a result, it turned out that the company noted that the Internet was repaired for us. For this reason, no one else recalled to me. And the operators answered like an answering machine "you need to wait". It was very difficult to call the master again.

My neighbors also left a request for the repair of their Internet. They said that a large military vehicle broke all the Internet cables in my street and in other streets. The entire cable lay on the ground in a large ball and the master could not repair anything.

Also on Saturday, September 10th, my mobile internet was down too. Already on Sunday, I called the MKS operator (ex-Lugakom) and waited over 30 minutes for an answer. I was number 118 in line. The operator told me they were making repairs and we had to wait. Then my colleagues told me today that our government has banned the use of mobile internet in our republic for all people for security reasons.

Thank you for your attention.

Sincerely, ShadeNataly.

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