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Tales of a Thousand Bloody Lakes - Beginning

Здравствуйте, Друзья!
Когда-то очень давно я написала рассказ эротического содержания. Сначала он не был эротическим, поскольку я начала писать его в 13 лет... Потом он расширился, стали появляться события "до" и события "после" первоначального варианта. Он ещё не закончен, но уже вырос до размера 600 страниц. Когда-то давно я мечтала перевести его на английский. Пришло время воплощать мечту в реальность,  но не ё, а лишь фрагменты... И этими фрагментами я хочу поделиться с Вами. Название навеяно группой "Аморфис". Это "Сказки тысячи кровавых озёр" или просто "Сказки..."

Коллаж иллюстрацию рисовала я сама.)))

Hello, friends!
Once upon a time I wrote a story of erotic content. At first it was not erotic, since I started writing it at the age of 13 years old ... Then it expanded, events began to appear "before" and events "after" the original version. It is not finished yet, but has already grown to a size of 600 pages. Once upon a time I dreamed of translating it into English. The time has come to translate the dream into reality, but not all, but only fragments ... And I want to share these fragments with you. The name is inspired by the Amorphis Group. This is "Tales of a Thousand Bloody Lakes" or simply "Tales ..."

Collage illustration I painted myself. 

Tales of a Thousand Bloody Lakes


“Hello,” shouted Valerian, a young beautiful girl, smiled and waved at someone.

A girl in almost the same decoration of the Russian peasant woman waved back. Lerusia smiled kindly, flied somewhere in her thoughts. She carried a basket of eggs for sale. The girl was wearing a shirt with long sleeves and a narrowed sundress in dark blue with an embroidered red hem. He practically reached the ground, hiding her legs completely. Her black hair was securely tucked under a white head scarf embroidered with red flowers. On his feet were scarlet shoes.

These clothes were not everyday for Lerusi. Usually she took care of her, wore the old, wired. In particular, her scarlet boots were a value for a young girl. But now there was a holiday in her soul: the sun was shining kindly, the birds sang and so she wanted to smile and enjoy life. So she put on her best and only robe.

The noblewomen then wore a magnificent tournure that attracted the eye to the back of the body. Bright fishtail tipe dresses made of taffeta or cotton, gathered behind and plumes floating behind them, decorated with galloons and beads. Under the clothes there were necessarily a shirt, stockings, trousers, which were tightly held by the corset, lower and upper skirts, a blouse on the corset, and outerwear. The peasant woman could only afford a shirt, a petticoat and a sundress. How beautiful the dresses of these ladies seemed to Valerian. And how did she dream at least once to put on this expensive beautiful outfit.


In her dreams, the girl did not notice the impending danger.
- Caution! - Yelled the coachman of the cart flying at all times.
A furious horse rushed forward, and no one could do anything.

Valerian froze in place, dropping the basket of eggs from her hands, her eyes closed, squeezing, and covering her face with her hands. Everything seemed to be over, death was inevitable. The cart will definitely sweep it, crush it with its massive wheels. So, in an instant, taking her life behind him in insane agony, speed and pain.

And the young girl is like a little child who is hiding under a blanket from nightmares, darkness, noise, danger, and just from everything. She just closed her eyes. No attempt to escape, no chance of salvation.


Lerusha stood, not moving, holding her breath and covering her eyes with her hands. It was just a moment. Horror paralyzed her there was not a single thought in her head. She could not run. Imminent death was getting closer.

Suddenly, someone sharply pulled her aside, hugging tightly around her waist and shoulders. The girl remained standing with her eyes closed, even afraid to move. The man hugged her shoulders and pressed her tightly to him. Her head scarf moved, and a strand of black tar hair fell onto her shoulders. The stranger in an expensive clothes bent over and inhaled the scent of her body and a strand of hair that had fallen from under the shawl, and then slid his hands down her shoulders. The sound of her loud beating heart, fear and numbness excited the man. Breathing, he touched her neck, and gently slipped his hands over her body. The girl did not move, and it seemed that she was completely in his power and at the same time so impregnable, unknown.

The nascent passion grew into desire with a bright sweet aftertaste that made the stomach shrink in anticipation. He did not clearly see her face, but he was ready to wrap this black-haired girl in his arms and never let her out.

For Count Baxter Dex-De-Lagardee, whose female society was not to be surprised, these were strange feelings, especially to a commoner. The man pulled himself together and stepped aside from the girl. Lerusia came out of her stupor and removed her hands from her face. It was quiet around, only her trampled basket of eggs lay on the ground. Death passed, and the girl breathed a sigh of relief. Then she looked upset at the destroyed goods, almost crying, and only now she noticed that she was not alone, someone was standing behind her.

The girl turned around sharply, but, having only seen the expensive decoration of a man standing next to him at the level of his chest, without even raising her head to his face, because he was much taller than her, about eight inches (20 cm) in shock, she jumped away and sped away.
- Mine! - the stranger whispered, looking after her, - you will only be mine!


A knock on the door caught Valerian's attention, and she went outside. On the threshold stood her basket full of fresh eggs. Rather, it was not her basket, but this one was exactly like the one destroyed by the cart and hooves of a frenzied horse. The girl looked around in disbelief, but saw no one, and took the basket to the house.

She was still in a state of shock from the experience. But she was upset that she did not see her savior, did not ask for his name, and did not thank him. Some strange feeling that she had never experienced before embraced the whole being of a young girl. Everything froze inside from these unexpected embraces, and a strange languor appeared in his mouth. Excitement and desire, which she had never known in all seven years of marriage, seized her and made her feel extremely awkward. Sometimes it was pulled in the lower abdomen and legs above the knees began to burn.

Lerusha did not know what kind of illness had struck her and was already thinking of going to the healer.

To be continued...

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