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How we went to Russia to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation

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Last Sunday, we visited Russia to vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. We went to the same place where I received the Russian passport (Novoshakhtinsk). We were more than 50 people. These are men, three wives and three pensioners who simply took up empty seats. With them then there were small problems. They did not take the passports of the Lugansk People’s Republic, which were needed to return to their homeland. This delayed the entire bus at the border for more than an hour.

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The organizers gave masks and gloves to everyone, even pensioners. We left the railway station in Lugansk at 7:00 in the morning. It was 11:00 on the spot in Novoshakhtinsk. We lost some time at customs, about an hour and a half or more. On the way, we looked through the most wonderful ponds, fields and other beauty of nature. Wind farms do not cease to amaze me. I liked the dogs in the vicinity of customs. They wandered steamed by the sun (+28 degrees Celsius) and tried to hide in the shade or in the chill, letting themselves stroke.

Автобул ЛНР

Here is this bus with a strange bloody color it`s ours. The price of the trip is 450 rubles per person round trip. Arrival time is not fixed. But the driver immediately declared that he did not intend to wait more than two hours. If we arrived at 11:00, then at maximum at 13:00 he leaves, no matter what. It is understandable to go 4 hours one way, it is a very long time.

А man was amused in military-style clothing with a small dog such as a tiny shepherd dog, somewhat reminiscent of a corgi. But he had a carrying booth in his hands, which the dog would definitely not fit into. And everyone began to joke that he was a tourist, had been walking for a long time, the dog had grown, and it was not a hunt to throw out the booth. He had a gigantic backpack bag with a dozen pockets, a multi-layer belt bag, trousers and a jacket with many pockets. And they checked it all! The entire bus watched the movie with interest.

And then a wagon slowly crawled past us closing us the whole review. When it passed our bus and opened a review for us, someone joked that it was a commercial break. See "the second series" at the Russian customs did not work, we all went to the "Green Zone".

We have to go through the frame of the metal detector one by one. To do this, put everything metal on a tray. Things must be passed through an X-ray to inspect luggage. Then with the passport we go to the window for further processing. And also the doctor examined everyone, the nurse changed the temperature.


We got to a large building, in front of which was a courtyard with planted roses and a sign "Alley of love, kindness and peace." We were directed to go around this avenue and sit on chairs that stood at a distance from each other. We made a zigzag and sat down. Of course, there weren’t enough places for everyone. 2 people were called from the nearest chairs. An entertaining game "sit down on a chair" began.

In the lobby we disinfected gloved hands, measured the temperature, got disposable pens. Workers do not take the passport in their hands. I flipped it myself. Then I filled out an application, signed, received a ballot and went to vote. I went out through the second door. Loved the people! Positive, smiling, lovely. In my soul left a good feeling. It was very quickly, everything went in an hour. And at 12:15 we set off in our bus.


There were no suitable stores nearby. I’m used to the fact that even in the smallest store in Lugansk we can buy anything from socks, shampoos, toothpaste, to food, milk, cereals and vodka. You can’t guess with trademarks, but any product will be in the assortment of the store.

There is a different picture. In the store with the name "fruits and vegetables" there were only vegetables and fruits in boxes, and some bottled water. The second store opposite the first with the same name was not surprised by something new. We ran down the street. I met  two or three pharmacies and one auto insurance store. All! How do they live here?


We returned to the bus and decided to visit the Meat store (Raboche-Krestyanskaya Street) near. Although there was no hope anymore. Here, in addition to several counters of different raw meat, there was one small counter for ice cream, water. Doshirak and tea in packs on the shelves. We gone without a purchase. Drank up the water purchased in Lugansk. And we went home.

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Ветряк ЛНР

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