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A very simple homemade borsch recipe

Hello, Friends!
Cooking soup "borsch" is actually quite simple. The main thing is to divide everything into stages. There are three of them:

Stage 1 - Cook the potatoes in the broth.
Stage 2 - Add the cabbage, cook for several minutes.
Stage 3 - Add dressing, spices, cook  a few more minutes.

Done! You just need to let the borsch stand for about 20 minutes. Everything is extremely simple.

Consider each step.
For 3 liters of water:
- Meat / bone 500 g.
- Potatoes 3-4 pcs.
Necessarily - onions, 1 carrot each.
At will - beets, bell peppers 1 each.
- Tomato paste 1 sachet (70 grams).
- Fresh cabbage 0.5 kg.

Stage 1.

We take potatoes, сlean, cut into cubes. I prefer to boil it in a small amount of water, removing the foam. And then add the prepared and strained broth. If the broth is cooked with meat on bones, then it is necessary to strain it, select the meat and return it.

Mostly there should be beef, but you can cook from anything, even from canned meat. For vegetarians water with butter is suitable. The main requirement is that the broth must be tasty. Bad taste or smell cannot be masked. At this point, for variety, you can add ready-made beans or rice cereal. We boil everything.

Fig. 1 - Meat
Fig. 2 - Onions, carrots, beets
Fig. 3 - Tomatoes. Bell pepper
Fig. 4 - Tomato Paste

Stage 2.

Take shredded cabbage. It can be fresh cabbage or salted, that is, acidic (then there is no need to salt the borscht). I take only fresh. Cook for a few minutes. If she is young, then cooking is not necessary at all.

Fig. 5 - Bouillon
Fig. 6 - Stew vegetables
Fig. 7 - Cook potatoes
Fig. 8 - Shred the cabbage

Stage 3.
Pour the frying (dressing). You can buy a ready-made dressing for borsch and calm down. If not, then chop the chopped onions and carrots in sunflower oil and add tomato paste or twisted tomatoes. Carrots often rub on a grater. The rest of the vegetables: beets, pepper are added as desired. Boil, put spices, salt, herbs.

Fig. 9 - Potato + broth
Fig. 10 - cabbage and frying
Fig. 11 - in the pan
Fig. 12 - in a bowl

Remove from the oven for 20 minutes. Serve with sour cream or mayonnaise. 

Enjoy your meal!
Thanks for your attention.

In Russian recipe here:  https://otzyvy.pro/reviews/otzyvy-recept-borscha-402113.html

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